Gta v pc fps drop

I've recently bought gta 5 on my pc and I've been noticing some issues.Whenever I fire up the game i get 70-75 fps while running around or driving,however after about an hour to 1.5 hours i notice the game begins to stutter and hiccup.The game goes from 70fps down to 20 and then back to 70 every 2 seconds.Its really been bugging me because i

Today we have the Lotus V1.03, GTA 5 Mod Menu for PS4. GTA 5 Mods playlists: - PS4 - PC Dobrý večer všem:) mám takový dotaz..postavil jsem si pc zákl. deska: MSI Z87M-G43 - Intel Z87 CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 Graf. karta: MSI GTX 960 Dobrý den, poslední dobou mám takový zvláštní problém. Vždy, když hraji nějakou náročnější hru - GTA IV, The Forest, CS:GO, tak hra jede plynule třeba na 100 FPS, ale jednou za pár minut dostanu brutální FPS dropy ze 100 FPS třeba na 10FPS…

Finally fixed my fps drop/stuttering problem So I have a GTX 970 and thanks to the advice from /u/FrangoFile who told me to visit here and uninstall my display drivers and then reinstall them. Now I can play smoothly with no fps drops anywhere! How to fix sudden fps drop/stutter for nvidia users :: Grand Theft Auto

PC Specs: If it still stutters you can try and apply 50hz in gta v graphic settings then change back to 59hz that will tempory sort it Cant play this game without stutter and huge fps drops, same in One/Two and Three GPU's :/.

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Here are my pc specs Ryzen 5 1600 3.9Ghz OC EVGA GTX 1080 FTW2 Stock Corsair Vengeance 16Gb LPX DDR4 2666 Kingston UV400 SSD (game installed on this) 10Mbps Internet(I'm upgrading to 60Mbps in February) So I hoped to run GTA 5 at 1080p with Very High settings and 4x MSAA at a solid 60 FPS but I'm getting only around 40 FPS with the lowest Gta 5 fps drops on gtx 1080! :: Grand Theft Auto V General Discussions Gta 5 fps drops on gtx 1080! Recently I have installed a msi gtx 1080 gaming x 8gb, and majority of my games have performed amazingly except for gta 5. In most benchmark tests I see online people were reaching up to 100 fps and over. Random HUGE fps drops. :: Grand Theft Auto V General Discussions I also suffer from random ♥♥♥ FPS drops, like everything is fluid on nearly max settings, staying at 60 FPS then all of a sudden it drops to ~30 FPS for a second and goes back up to 60. The way I manage to fix it (temporary unfortunately) is by going to settings and changing usually v-sync from OFF to ON, applying that setting and then Grand Theft Auto 5: Dramatically increase performance / FPS with any

GTA V Stuttering Fix PC - Anleitung/Guide [working] Hallo nochmal, nur ein kurzer Zwischenruf für alle die Probleme mit Grand Theft Auto V auf PC haben. Wenn Ihr trotz ausreichender Hardware-Kapazitäten immer wieder nerviges Ruckeln habt und auch das herunterdrehen von den ganzen Grafik-Optionen nicht viel bringt, dann habe ich einen heißen Fix für euch. Denn mit diesem GTA V Stuttering FIX Grand Theft AUTO V ( GTA V ) Stuttering and FPS Drops. - GeForce Forums Grand Theft AUTO V ( GTA V ) Stuttering and FPS Drops. 1 / 4 I have encountred some stuttering with GTA V on PC , i have some FPS DROPS and Stuttering which is a bit weird since i have a GTX 770 SC , 8 GB of ram , and an I5-3570K

Grand Theft AUTO V ( GTA V ) Stuttering and FPS Drops. - GeForce

GTA V| Standbilder | Fps Drops| PC? (Computer, Technik, Technologie) Ich habe heute beim GTA V spielen gemerkt das ich obwohl ich eine Titan X habe (nicht pascal) nur 60 fps in gta habe mit drops auf 40 fps. Ich habe einen FX 8350 CPU, und 16 GB ram . Woran kann das liegen . ps: spiele GTA auf "hoch" Grafik niedriger stellen bringt auch nix [GTA V] Zusammenfassung: Lösungen für FPS-Drops / Memory Leak / Laggs [GTA V] Zusammenfassung: Lösungen für FPS-Drops / Memory Leak / Laggs Hallo zusammen, viele Leute, darunter auch ich, quälen sich in GTA 5 mit starken Drops nach einiger Spielzeit: Starke Lags , FPS-Einbrüche und Ruckler -->GTA5 Extremer Performance d