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How to Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam - 12 Mar 2018 Your android mobile can be used in various ways; one of them is that you can use it as a webcam for your desktop applications. It is obviously 

We all have been in that situation where we wanted to video chat with our loved ones but the webcam on our laptops is just not good enough. We know one can always pick up a smartphone but what if Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam « Android.AppStorm After reading this article, you’ll be able to use your Android phone as a webcam for Skype, Google Talk, Facebook, or any other program on your computer that can use a webcam. I was frustrated that Skype didn’t allow video chat for my phone when they recently updated their app to allow this, and decided to figure out a way to do this using How to Use Mobile Phone Camera as Windows 10 Webcam? - Microsoft Mobile phone cameras cannot be used as Webcam cameras. I would suggest you to use an external webcam. As of now there is no program or software to sync your Mobile camera and use it as a Web cam in Windows 10. Hope this information was helpful. Thank you. How to Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam -

Use Your Phone as a Webcam! Twitch, Youtube, OBS, Elgato 02.01.2017 · This is my Use Your Phone as a Webcam! Twitch, Youtube, OBS, Elgato (Samsung, HTC, Pixel, Android) Tutorial video where you can see my best tutorials for the PC computer and android devices. Since How to use Mobile Phone Camera as USB Webcam - Digital Innovation 12.10.2012 · Yes you Can Use Your Mobile Phone Camera As Web Camera For Facebook,Yahoo,Skype Or Any other Video Chatting Supported Sites. Requirements to make mobile phone camera as USB Webcam: A Cell Phone with camera. A Data Cable Or Bluetooth Dongle To Create Connectivity Between Computer And Your Cell Phone; And Computer.

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2. Use your android phone as webcam using USB. You can use your android as webcam even without wifi by connecting it to your PC via USB. But doing this requires extra work because android can communicate with PC via USB only in debugging mode by using adb. Also, for USB mode, we need another app called DroidCam. How to Use Any Smartphone as a webcam - Technotification

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In this video I show how to use your phone as a home security camera and track the video feed remotely as g⁴ - unlocked Android cell phone | motorola US performance that's built to last with the unlocked moto g⁴. Blazing-fast processor, advanced 13 MP camera, and a pure Android experience.