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Help with troubleshooting a CD-ROM, DVD, and other disc drives in Microsoft Windows.

In the body it tells you which formats of CD and DVD that you can read and/or write. It makes NO mention of any dual layer format. THEREFORE, you drive neither reads nor writes any dl disc. Windows 10: Insert Disc into drive F: Not reading cd/dvd - May - CNET

DVD/RW will not read anything [Solved] my DVD/RW will not read cds, dvds or data discs. I used it regularly for burning both cds and dvds, up until 2days ago when it suddenly decided to stop working for reasons unknown. I have been to device manager which says there is no problems, I have reinstalled to let the pc find it. I am now at a loss please can someone help me.

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DVD WRITER is not reading CD | Tom's Guide Forum My DVD WRITER is reading CD but it is not reading DVD. I have searched this problem on google. I tried the solution---I have cleaned the DVD WRITER's LENS

Fix CD/DVD Drive Not Detected or Working In Windows 10 Solution 1. This solution is for those users who don’t see DVD Drive icon in Computer or even in Device Manager. Do ensure that you’re logged in Windows with an account with administrator privileges. Right click on Start menu and select “Command Prompt (admin)“.

Drive F (CD/DVD) not reading - Lenovo Community Re: Drive F (CD/DVD) not reading ‎09-11-2011 09:25 AM it may be loose dvd-rom, so that was kinda suggestion that to remove the dvd-rom ( hardware removal ) HP PCs - CD/DVD Drive Cannot Read Discs (Windows 10, 8) | HP® If a CD/DVD drive is not listed in DVD/CD-ROM drives, go to CD/DVD Drive Is Not Detected (Windows 10, 8). If a CD/DVD name drive is listed , continue to the next step. Right-click the drive name, and then select Uninstall device or Uninstall . DVD ROM not reading - April 2005 - Forums - CNET The computer recognises that i have a cdrw drive and a dvd rom drive (these drives are not in a combi, they are seperate). What the problem is now is that the D Dvd Rom Drive is not Reading any Dvd Discs

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